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Fiduciary Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management 

With a Specialization in Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals

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At Wealth Care LLC, our goal is to help you achieve your goals and dreams through highly personalized,full-service financial planning and investment management. As independent, fee-only advisors, we sell no products, make no commissions, and work only for you. 



We understand that life doesn’t just happen between 9-5, so we are here to offer advice when you need it. That means if something comes up and you need an answer on a Tuesday evening, or a Saturday morning, we are not only available to talk, we encourage you to be in touch.

Financial and Investment Services Designed to Care for You

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Financial Planning & Investment Management Services


We work with people on a long-term basis as partners in achieving the things that are most important to them in life. We provide coordinated financial planning and investment management services, and consulting on areas such as tax planning, asset protection, and estate planning.



While we love to meet with clients in person, we work with many clients on a purely virtual basis.  We work with clients all over the U.S. on comprehensive financial planning and investment management. 


We are 100% focused on your needs and goals. Your financial plan should revolve around you.

WHAT FEE-ONLY financial planning MEANS FOR YOu:

  • Our compensation comes solely from you.
  • We receive no compensation from any product recommendations.
  • We never accept commissions, cross-selling fees, referral fees, or kickbacks.
  • Our firm is a fiduciary to you – meaning that we are always required to act in your best interests.  


We work with clients on a long-term basis providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management.  Our fees are as follows:

  • 1% per year on the first $1 million that we manage for you
  • .5% per year on the next $2 million that we manage for you
  • .25% per year on assets over $3 million that we manage for you

Our minimum annual fee is $7,500.

Our Team

Steven D. Podnos  MD, MBA, CFP® Photo

Steven D. Podnos MD, MBA, CFP®

Steven Podnos is the principal of Wealth Care, LLC. After obtaining his MD from the University of Florida, Steven went on to complete a residency and fellowship in pulmonary medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. 

After completing his medical training, Steven practiced pulmonary and critical care medicine in Central Florida. During this time, he always had a strong interest in personal finance and managed money for family and friends. After many years, Steven decided to make his passion his career.

Steven went on to earn an MBA and a CFP®, and soon after opened Wealth Care LLC in 2002. Wealth Care LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor that now advises over 200 families nationwide.  Steven left the Air Force Reserve in late 2023 (after 15 years of service) as a Colonel, Flight Surgeon and Critical Care Air Transport Team physician.  He was also named as an official CFP Board ambassador in 2014. Steven wrote and published the book “Building and Preserving Your Wealth,” which is available for purchase on Amazon

Rachel Podnos O'Leary  JD, CFP® Photo

Rachel Podnos O'Leary JD, CFP®

Financial Planner

Rachel Podnos obtained both her bachelor’s degree and law degree from the University of Florida, where she was a Gator cheerleader. Following law school, she obtained her CFP® designation while working for a fee-only investment management firm in the Washington, DC area.  Rachel is a member of the Florida Bar.  Rachel joined Wealth Care LLC in 2014 as a financial planner and is based in Austin, Texas.  Rachel is the author of 21st Century Wealth: The Millennial's Guide to Achieving Financial Independence, available on Amazon.


Lauren Podnos CFP® Photo

Lauren Podnos CFP®

Financial Planner

Lauren Podnos obtained dual Bachelors degrees in Finance and Marketing from Florida State University.  She studied the CFP®  curriculum at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and is a CFP Certificant.  Lauren has worked in the financial industry in Washington DC, New York City, and Austin TX.  She has worked at financial institutions such as Fidelity Investments and TIAA.  She joined Wealth Care LLC in 2017 as a fee-only fiduciary financial planner.



NAPFA advisor, wealth care llc Brevard County, Florida

CFP advisor, wealth care llc, Brevard County, Florida

Financial Planning and Investments for Doctors,  Dentists and Medical Professionals

From Residency Through Retirement 

We understand your unique financial needs


Although we do not limit our practice to medical and dental practitioners, we have unique interests and experience in working with them, from residency through retirement.

Steven Podnos MD CFP® was in a full time practice of Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine for over twenty years, ran a Hospitalist program, and still practices medicine on a limited basis in the Air Force Reserve.

Rachel Podnos JD CFP® brings a unique perspective with both legal and financial planning expertise to help review the many legal and liability issues associated with medical and dental practices.

Please see our “In The News” section for many articles addressed at the medical and dental professions. We’d love to hear from you!


Guiding You To Financial Security


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